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Best Armrest for mk7


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I'm in the middle of just doing some changes inside my fiesta and one of them is adding an armrest.there was a topic on here but it mainly the colour as there black what you buy so wont be a match and also the best one to get,some are £100 area which i don't really wont to pay that much as there are some for around £30 and also the fitting,like the ones that just clip over the back cup holder and fold up out of the way and slide forward,anyone had one of these chepo ones and was they ok


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I did read the topic that someone started but never knew the outcome of it on these armrests.

Seen some like £20 on eBay but aint that keen on a metal plate to screw it to the plastic side

Seen the one that clips into the rear cut holder which i like and good feedback on these.


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I have done a search on here and seen a few topics about fitting the armrest but never seen which one people have.

I did think of the console change but just done my plastics round heater to black and also the one ''all in one'' seems short.

Just sent for the one that fits into the cup holder for 3 main reasons,no drilling holes and also good feedback on them.

Also folds up out of the way if i need to,you could always fix it more secure if needed but mainly for storage and put arm on.

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