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steering got lighter?


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my 2006 fiesta just had a flat so changed the front left wheel to the spare and now the steering is a lot lighter?

the wheel i took off was 195/50/r15 and the spare was 175/65/r14? would this make it lighter?

it's always felt heavy to me compared to my friends fusion which you can turn with 1 finger. i was told it's power assisted not power steering? so it should be stiff but then i don't know how it should feel as i bought it second hand.


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All cars have power assisted steering as a fail safe, only things like tractors have full power steering.  I'm guessing you mean it's hydraulic assistance rather than electric assistance though?

The 20mm thinner tyre on the spare wheel will make the steering feel lighter.  As can the pressure, tyre make etc...

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