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diesel ford fiesta


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Wonder if anyone can shine a bit of light on this.  My engine management light came on and there was loss of power mostly on hills.  Took it for a diagnostic test and it came up with air mass flow.  We bought a new one and the light is still on and came back with the same fault, we have now tried 3 parts, but still the light is on and comes back with the same fault.  Do you think it is worth taking to a ford dealer to try it on their machine to see if it picks anything different up.

Thanks in advance for any help

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Hi Susan, just to clarify we are talking about the yellow light that looks like an engine and not the glow plug light flashing (also indicative of certain fault conditions)?

The engine management light will not reset itself it has to be done via the machine that reads the codes. Repeatedly fitting parts will not usually make it go away. Did the chap who read your error code clear the light and the code?

Also just because an error code gives for example a MAF sensor error as you have. I t can mean ANYTHING within the whole MAF sensor circuit. Broken wire, water in the plug, loose connection etc etc. Error codes are not a magic fix.

On a more positive note generally just a good close inspection of the MAF plug, wiring, and other plugs attached to its cabling can find the problem.

If you can crack it yourself it is very satisfying and will give you confidence in the future.


Am I being too optimistic?


Good luck...

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Thank you for the reply. Yes it is the engine management light and yes it has been turned off but as we start the engine it comes straight back on . Really getting me down now. 


Thanks sue 

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The MAF wiring to the sensor might not be connecting well or there is an issue with the loom - do you have a code reader yourself? Might be worth checking the live data using a cheap OBD reader and the 'torque' app to check that its all connected ok (plus you can reset the code).

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