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Keyless fault


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Hi I have a 3 door Fiesta Titanium with Keyless entry which has recently thrown up a problem in that the passengers door door will not open with the drivers door. However if I walk around to the passengers door with the key fob on me I can open the passengers door with the button. Any help/ideas would be appreciated

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That's correct mikeyd1.

From the manual ( page 27 )

Reprogramming the Unlocking
Note: Make sure your vehicle is locked
before leaving it unattended.
Note: When you press the unlock button
either all the doors are unlocked or only the
driver’s door and the liftgate are unlocked.
Pressing the unlock button again unlocks
all the doors.
Note: If you are in range, the remote control
will operate if you press any button
Press and hold the unlock and lock buttons
on the remote control simultaneously for
at least four seconds with the ignition off.
The direction indicators will flash twice to
confirm the change.

To return to the original unlocking function,
repeat the process.


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