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Handbrake - centre console


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Hi all! 

Hope your having a good Saturday! 

At the moment I'm in a fight with my wind deflectors after fitting them, waiting 2 days, taking them out, refitting them and so on. I've finally done it. It's a simple job. I knew that from the start, they just didn't want to play ball!!

However, earlier on when I decided that one of the metal clips needed adding just for that bit more stickiness. One of them fell down the gap behind the handbrake!! 

Abosulte nightmare. What can I do!? I'm wanting to get it out. I've got plenty more clips. But that ain't the problem, it's not causing a rattle at the moment, but sure enough, give it time, it will.

Anyone else dropped anything down this black hole of a gap? Such as coins, clips, keys?  How did you solve it? 

Many thanks in advance. Cookey. 

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