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Some little problems...Help!


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Hi all! 

I'm new to this, so bare with me haha. I got my 13 plate Fiesta 1.0 Ecoboost 100ps, in October last year. It is amazing! Feels like driving a Bentley compared to the Peugeot 107 I had before. 


  • When accelerating hard, the power does not seem there almost at times. 
  • The suspension creaks awfully over speed bumps-Something that has got worse.
  • When I first bought the car, the steering felt really precise, but it seems to have a bit more play in it now, also it does understeer quite bad.
  • And finally, The Ford sync, does not show me who sent me the text, it just says unknown. I have a HTC One M7, with the updated software.

If anyone can help with either one of these questions, it will be greatly appreciated!!

Cheers, Josh. 



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I had the noise over bumps yhen found mu spare wheel was not in tight that sorted it. U have to go blutooth setting on phone an activate notifications or messages. Not sure about ur power issues

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