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Headlight is broken...


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Not happy. 

Right, long story, after having a bump in Jan 2015. I had my car repaired. It was fine. Grateful the guys did it for me. 

A couple of months down the line I notice a slight gap appearing under the drivers side headlight unit. I took it back the repair garage (not going to name them) they "tightened" things up so it lifted the bumper back up a little bit. By this they put 2 washers under a 'push' screw that joins the headlight and bumper. 

Did the job-ish. It was an improvement but I knew myself it wasn't 100%, but I just took it as, it's as good as I'm going to get. 

Earlier this week I noticed that the gap seemed to appear/get worse. 

I took it back to the same garage and they said yeah leave it with us no problem. I did so. 

A couple hours later. I get a call. "Our mechanic has said, I can't fix this, the headlights broke". 

Im thinking alright. I'll see what they have to say. Picks the car up. I'm on my way. The Black plastic connection from the headlight to bumper had been snapped off. Now. To me, I'd have noticed this myself if I had done it when I swapped bulbs

Personally, it makes sense that they've broken it and aren't admitting to it. 

Simply because it's the same mechanic who fixed it previously. If it was broke. He would have said the first time. Am I wrong? 

So im left with a dilemma...

What do I do?

purchase a new headlight for £156/161 or just leave it to look like my car has had a stroke? 

I popped into trust ford today. They quoted me £220 for a new headlight even after telling me they can't match the £150 from eurocarparts and fordpartsuk. 

Any suggestions? 

I'll get some pictures of the situation as soon as I can. 


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1 hour ago, Garryboy1888 said:

Can you not get some super strength plastic/bonding adhesive and glue it?

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I thought that but if I need to change a bulb, the headlight unit has to come out... 

Meaning ripping it off the bumper where it would be glued to.

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9 minutes ago, karl46 said:

Quite a few breakers on Ebay advertising wheel nuts for facelift festers. Worth giving them a call.

Selling wheelnuts is their ad for braking the whole car.

I've had a look at a breakers mate. And ah right cheers. Didn't know that I'll have a look now mate. 

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2 minutes ago, TomsFocus said:

Have you got the broken bit?  You can weld plastic back together using a hot soldering iron sometimes.

Nope. I believe the repair garage snapped it off and try to pass it off that it'd been broken previously. 

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To give you an idea. This bit is "missing".


The bit that joins the headlight to the bumper by slotting the screw into the headlight from above. 

Only a little plastic lug thing, but it produces a gap under the headlight... 







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I've seen this on eBay

I think it's what I need but my problem is the bit I'm missing has been snapped off. So these wouldnt attatch. 

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