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Is it really too much for a 59 reg


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My previous Fiesta (04) was written off outside my house, I have been looking for a replacement for 2 weeks, have £5K max at a push to spend, looked for certain criteria, low tax petrol (I do not do enough mileage for a diesel).  

Viewed Autotrader and my search came up with 4 results, 2 being Cat D (no chance) and the other didn't really fancy.  The one I really liked:

They are advertising it at £4,890 with 39K miles.

I valued at What Car with 39K and as excellent and dealer price suggests £4,228

A difference of £662

I will print off the certificate and haggle, but it has a NI number plate, could this be driving up the price?  Also concerned as the vehicle is 250 miles away from me, I'm South Wales, the dealership is Leeds, they may think you are not going to travel this far for nothing so no chance.

What has now put me off, is when I told my Sister and Brother in-law earlier, finally found a car, asked how much, I said about £4,500 and they were like !Removed! hell, a 7 year old car that is too much.  So I looked at something similar, a Vauxhall Corsa 12 reg and for 50K miles, £5,000.

Now !Removed! stuck again, the main reason why I want another Fiesta is I had my previous 12 years, just usual wear and tear payouts and I'm conformable with it.

I don't really know what I am asking after posting all this.


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