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Who are Meso? - Aftermarket Part Manufacturer?


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I was looking at replacing my alternator freewheeling clutch coupler assembly, as it would seem to be a good idea to change it as I'm going to change alternator anyway.

Apart from the obvious OE one, Gates, Febi and Dayco make alternatives that are roughly half the price £100 compared to the OE £210.  However, there's this Meso brand that Transit Parts UK and other motor factors are selling, that's about a quarter of the OE price. 

My initial thought was probably best avoid, as it strikes me it is too cheap (like FAI parts); unless they are the actual manufacturer for all, or some of the others and supplying them directly to the factors.  In which case it would be a substantial saving. Would a respected independent Ford motor factor risk it's repeat trade by supplying a way too cheap service part?

A web search, only brings up pages from motor factors selling Meso products.  The web site of Meso Automotive Parts looked promising, but it's a marketing strategy company for the automotive industry and not a manufacturer of parts

Has anyone heard of them?  Who is the actual manufacturer that make Meso products? 


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I discovered tonight should anyone have viewed this, and too wondered who Meso are.

They are Transit Parts UK own shop  brand, I have yet to ascertain who makes them, for them

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There seem to be a number of manufacturers that Transit parts UK might of used, indeed they may use all of them. 

The most likely manufacturers, would be 

Anhui HCH Imp.& Exp. Co., Ltd. of Anhui, China - They are also known as  HCH Auto Parts Corporation

Wenzhou Wintom Trade Co. Ltd of Zhejiang, China

 Yiwu Lanny Auto Spare Parts Co., Ltd. of Zhejiang, China -


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