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Fiesta LED DRLs


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Hey all, 

I know there's probably a thousand posts about DRLs but I just wanted something clearing up.
I got a brand new Zetec S Black Edition back on Sept 1st 2015 (65 plate) and it doesn't have the LED DRLs that you get on the Titanium and the ST, which I was fine with. However, over the past couple of months I've noticed a few Black and Red Editions with these lights (which I put down to they fitting them after market), but today I noticed in my fiesta brochure and online that Ford say the LED DRLs come standard on all fiesta cars above the Studio as of around May 2015 (I'm even seeing them on pictures of Black and Reds on some dealers websites). So I was just wondering if I should've received them on my car or am I just mistaken?

Thanks in advance to anyone who can shed some light (get it?!) on this.


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My personal opinion on these is horrible DRL's they look silly having the 4/5 bulbs being shown. I prefer my old style. I would however like the new fiesta to have the LED's which are complete like on an audi etc. 

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I think the DRL's in the lights look smart,wish i had them or could fit some.

Our local ford wont even fit any now or supply,not many people was having them done he said.

No call for them.

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