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Oil on pipe


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2 hours ago, 1.6 tdci zetec s said:

Were am i looking, is it the piece where the wires are coming off the cables wrapped in insulation tape, if so put flash on then take a picture from underneath if possible, then a picture of sump area 

The sump is leaking yes Im going to change it next week Will try take a picture from bottom but how does it look like the leak is from where? And yes the wire or oipe is covered woth tape

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Looks like you need a new sump plug and new washer fitting, I'd look into seeing if the gasket is OK on the sump if not change that as well for a new one, if OK get the bolts torqued up to correct pressure, as to me that's were the oil is likely to be coming from, sort that lot out, then do your best to clean the oil from the cable in your 1st post. Hope this helps 

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