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Fiesta mk7 zetec turbo


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hi guys, im new to this fourm

im 18, live in australia and currently own a 2010 fiesta zetec 1.6 petrol.

i cant afford a st as much as i would like one, but i have a brand new turbo in a box in my garage and was i want to do a turbo conversion. im mechanically minded and a apprentice vehicle tec, non of the process is a problem other than one thing thats bugging me. i was wondering if i could straight swap the fiesta st ecu in to my zetec if i was to do the turbo conversion.

would it all work fine or would i need a aftermarket ecu ?



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Mechanically minded, yet asking advice on how to fit a turbo onto a 1.6 petrol Fiesta as can't afford ST.

haha. I'm not mechanically minded, but I'd say for all the hassle and cost that is going to cause you, you'd be better off saving up for an ST and selling the Zetec. 

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You'd need a custom manifold, you'd need to sort cooling, oil feeds, Probably an intercooler, custom remap, possibly alternations to the pistons themselves as they're often a different shape when compared between NA/forced induction.

Save your money in the long run and buy an ST. You need to consider resale..

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