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Keyless entry fobs


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Hello everyone,  Ive had my Fiesta 3 and half years now and although the cars been grate I've had problems with the Keyless entry.  Now the fob buttons dont work on either the main set or the spare.  The car opens pressing the handle buttons and starts with the start button but i'm worried that if this problem develops further I wont be able to get in/use the car.

I know that the whole point of the keyless entry/start is not to use the fob but It would be nice for it all to work correctly.  One fob does everything but the buttons don't work.  The other only starts the car. Neither set of buttons work.  Overall I'm worried it will take value of the car should I be able to upgrade/get something more appropriate for a family. But it would be nice not to worry if I can get in/start the car every time I intend to use it.

I have looked through a few threads and tried suggestions given.  There is not a hole to slot the fob in behind the steering column casing (where an ignition barrel would be). There is a metal plate. Assuming this is some sort of ariel to start the car.  Disconnecting the car battery for 10 minutes (about 20 in the end) did not make any difference.


Short of going to ford to get new keys can anyone recommend another way of getting the remotes working?


Thanks for any help you can give



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