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Replacement drivers wing panel


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I have rather stupidly reversed out of a parking space while turning and not noticed the massive iron pole that has then hit the drivers side front wing panel on my '57 plate Fiesta style.

Having a quick read around here it seems to be a fairly straightforward job to do a replacement, but I'm unsure on which parts to order and whether they come "ready" or require additional cost to paint the same colour as my car. From Euro Car Parts, I've totted up a minimum cost of £45 for budget wing, new indicator and new mirror glass, and a maximum cost of £95 (premium panel, whole new mirror assembly same indicator). If I were to take it to a body repair shop, what are they likely to charge to do the job? If the panels I buy need painting, what is that likely to cost?

I've attached a picture showing the damage which may give you a better idea of that I need to do. Let's assume for the moment I'll get the paint work to the door fixed another day.


fiesta panel.jpg

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Wings are around £30 on eBay and they fit perfectly (I've just replaced both of mine due to rust).

Alternatively, try a scrap yard. Your car is quite a common colour

Expect to pay around £100 for paint

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