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I have a ford fiesta LX 1.3 03 i went out a little while ago and it suddenly started juddering and engine management light kept flashing.

parked it and got back in it to take it home a few hours later and the engine management light came on and stayed on, it was still juddering on the way home.

It was plugged in and i was told cylinder 2 misfiring

advised to change the spark plugs, coil pack & ht leads which i did, 

this didn't work, so i changed the cam shaft sensor, crank shaft sensor and had all new pipes put in as well as i was recommended to do this!

after having all this changed it goes to start up but then cuts out, if i was to press the acceleration pedal when turning the ignition the car would start if i was to rev it really high but as soon as my foot comes off the acceleration pedal or if i only done small revs it cuts out again

I am running out of ideas! has any one got any idea what it could be or has anyone experienced anything similar?!



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