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Quick Clean + LED change + Accident


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No questions need answering on this one!


Just thought I would post a few pics of a before + after pics on a quick clean today - car hadn't been done in about 4 week so it needed doing! Also got some pictures of a poorboys product I used to try and hide some scratches. http://www.autogeek.net/poorboys-black-hole-show-glaze.html is the product - very good indeed however you need a wax/sealant afterwards to get the best results! 


So here are the befores - notice the dirt and grime! 




After I had blasted the car with some water to get the first layer of grime off, the sun came out for the first time in.....well as long as I can remember. Had some good evaporation going on! (Notice the mist ontop of the bonnet - not as clear as I would like as it's only taken on my Samsung Galaxy Edge + .... hardly a professional camera!)


After I had done this I realised I had ran out of snow foam...... So I had to use a pre-set one on the jetwash which is just a light covering of watery suds - but better than nothing!



After I had washed it all down with a mitten and dried it all off, I had noticed 2 small scratches on the rear drivers arch. I wanted to see if I could get rid of these with the poorboys.

This one which is deeper than I first thought 


And this lighter one (still deepish though)



AFTER THE POORBOYS - It couldn't remove the lower deeper scratch (first image) - as unfortunately it isn't a miracle worker.

However, it did fill in the upper scratch and easily took the passing eye off it. If you bent down and looked from a lower angle, the scratch was still there but again - harder to see. 


Its hard to compare from this image as there seems to be dirt on my camera lens but when I took the picture from the same angle the scratch seemed non-existent.


If somebody spots the only modification in this image below, you get a special like from me.



ANYHOW. Sorry for the picture overload, but i LIED with my first line .I decided to replace my REG lights to LED's, however upon removing the old bulb I had noticed the yellow holders had turned a bit brown, is this usual on these as they both looked identical?




Once I had swapped them both, looked at the nice clean car, I got in my car and went to empty some rubbish from the outside.......only to hear a big DANG!....funnily enough when a car is parked on a downward slope, the doors tend to carry on swinging open - straight into my driveway wall :(. I'm always ULTRA careful about this, especially since the doors on a 3 door fiesta are a little on the long side..... the result



Not as bad as first thought once I saw the door leaning against my wall. (Notice, its only a chip in the middle of the image). The 2 white lines below it are just image glare/glare from the floor onto the car. I think I got off lightly with that one. Going to spend a full day toward the summer with a clay bar etc etc to see what results I can get (May even get the machine polisher out).


thanks for reading and hopefully not too many images for yall'! 



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6 hours ago, Stuart jj said:

Nice and clean:cool:


Is the mod the interior light?:wink:


Regarding the number plate bulb holders,, mine have gone the same and are burnt at the end..



Yes haha indeed. I turned it on to show off my only mod then realised you can hardly see it in the daylight! Nice spot :yahoo::yahoo:


With regards to the plate bulb holders, I assumed it was some burning from the original bulbs as they get really hot. Took a while to get out but once I got the first one out and figured out how the clips worked the second was a doddle. Lets just hope the bulbs are decent! 

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On 19/02/2016 at 2:44 AM, Stuart jj said:

Nice and clean:cool:


Is the mod the interior light?:wink:


Regarding the number plate bulb holders,, mine have gone the same and are burnt at the end..



Also, there are 2 mods :O. I don't even know my own car it seems! 

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