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Tailgate locking on Fiesta fob

Chris Burgess

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I didn't even think about this - never thought it was possible anymore. I never really use the keyfob button for the boot anyway. I find it much easier to just press the unlock button (rather than boot button x2?).


I dont know why I just find it easier to unlock as usual just incase I need to go into the car as well - then Ill have to press the key twice!


Unsure about getting it out - does the boot lock automatically once its been shut (if you have opened the boot with key fob button)?

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Can do the same with rear doors...  I often lock mine THEN pick up stuff from the boot or backseats...  Have only once been daft enough to leave the key in there when I done it though lol.  Fortunately I was at home with a spare key. :wink:

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