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Hi all, hoping for a bit of knowledge and advice.

I have a Fiesta Zetec S TDCI, 17" alloys, leather interior and just over 15000. I signed up on one of those pcp schemes and I have been very happy with the car and the time has come to look for a new one.

I will be looking for the same model and specs as the one I have but I jumped in feet first the last time and I feel that I'm paying way too much............how much is too much per month, what should I be aiming for when I go back to the dealership?

I would be putting down the minimum deposit, which was around £15o the last time, any help or tips will be greatly appreciated.

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It depends on what you want the final guaranteed value to be. If you want to keep the cost down you need to pay more of a deposit. If you bought it on HP it would cost nearly double because of the size of the loan.

I would shop around as this is the time dealers are knocking thousands off the price because of the new registration coming out.

My Daughters boyfriend was looking at the Fiesta's and for the spec he wanted they were just too expensive when compared with the make he went with in the end.

He got £2,500 off plus another £500 off for test driving one and used that to pay for one of the upgrade packs. It comes with the satnav and stuff. Really good spec for £12,750.

He's paying a £1250 deposit, then £188 a month. If he wants to keep it at will be something over £5k to buy it or just chop it in for another. It also come with free services for the first two years.

If you can get a similar deal on the car and spec your looking at then you haven't done bad.


My previous Focus's I purchased on the options. I paid the final value fee of £4,800 and then sold it for £8,000. Then purchased a second hand BMW which I had for a couple of years before getting the ST last week.

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So my Mini Cooper S has a problem & I chanced upon a promotional event at my local dealer.

They have an unregistered Fiesta ST-3 that they're knocking a couple of grand off, there's currently a 0.9% APR on PCP deals so it's as close to interest free as you're likely to get!!

After speaking to a colleague who's waiting for his new Focus ST TDCI he put me in touch with the dealer he used, seems they've also got an ST-3 pre-reg & will beat my local garages deal. To give you an idea, on a 2 year PCP with 15k miles putting £1k down gets a monthly cost of £313, it sounds like you want a lower spec car & do far less miles should have far lower monthly repayments, the RRP of the car quoted above is £20370

Just having a search around online I can see a number of other dealers locally have Fiesta ST's pre-reg & discounted, makes me wonder why there is a surplus of them as I doubt there's an impending facelift...

Either way you should be able to get a good deal from what I've seen & been told, best first step is to google Carwow & put a request in there to get an opening price to talk to your local dealer about.

Good luck!!

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Happy I waited one week after going to the dealers as I wasn't overly happy with the new deal they were offering.........week later and I go back and end up getting the ST3 and paying less each month on the Zetec S I have now :-)

Pick it up next week and really looking forward to getting that bad boy.

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