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Fiesta mk4 brake pipe replacement?


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Hi all. I'm new to the forum and hope I'm doing this right.  I'm an amateur driveway mechanic and wanting to change the brake hoses and pipes on a mk 4 Fiesta (1.4i zetec ghia)

I've got a haynes manual and am happy doing most jobs but wondering if it's possible to change the pipes without removing the fuel tank first? (Not actually investigated it throughly yet)

Any tips or pitfalls I should be aware of?

Many thanks in advance! 

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Wow thanks for the quick reply!  They are corroded, an advisory on the last MOT so wanted to change them along with the flexi hoses.

(re-read that, sorry if it looks sarcastic, it wasnt meant that way)

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On the fiesta there is a union by the fuel tank. I think you can do it without removing the tank as when I had mine done the garage only charged £40 so can't see them dropping the tank. You will need a flaring kit to flare the ends so you can put all the unions on. Also a pipe bending kit to carefully bend the pipe as you must not kink them. I haven't done it myself but I believe it's fairly easy, just keep the original pipe as a guide for when you form the new one.

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