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Fiesta mudflaps


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Hi everybody vehicle Ford Fiesta ecoboost  titanium in candy red purchased Dec 2015 .

Having just recently purchased this  Fiesta I decided to look for info on fitting front mudflaps on this forum but could not find any info for my vehicle perhaps nobody fits mud flaps anymore.?

just in case anybody is interested in fitting them the following may be of help.

purchased from main ford dealership front mudflap kit part number 1531631 on installation you will find the instructions provided are terrible just pictures to follow o/k till you get to the fitting of the bolt clamp bracket the instruction don't properly show the place for the bracket I Fitted my ones on the underside of sill where there seems to be a spare piece of plastic sticking out still not sure if this is correct but looks to be the only place possible. Also you have to remove the plastic rivet at the bottom of the inner cover this is one of the fixing points for mudflap you are supposedly got to use this plastic rivet again (non in kit ) the only problem I found was that the plastic rivet is now to short to go through the extra thickness to secure it properly the rivet is only about 6mm long so will not fix correctly I am going back to dealership to see if you can obtain a longer rivet you need one about 10mm. On fitting the top part of mudflap there is a spring type "U" clip you will need a large  ajustable per of grips to be able to press this onto the arch & mudflap ,I used what I call a adjustable pipe grip not sure that the correct terminology for this is. The only other thing of concern was the Quality of mudflaps not very good made of hard plastic so not sure how long these will last for.

hope info is useful to somebody

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