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Time For a REVIEW!


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There's a lot of negativity over the years re: the old man's top hat on wheels, but as one who has driven a brand new Focus 1.6 every 3 years since they came out and recently the new Fiesta for the same ( 2 in 6 years), then here we go.  I gave my daughter my 62 reg Fiesta 1.6 and was looking for a cheap car to get me from a to b.  Have driven my son's micra and clio, so know when a car isn't so good!   After much looking and with not a little trepidation I found a nice red 2009 Ford Fusion 1.4 Style Plus with 51k for £1850 with a recent service.  Changed the tyres for some Michelin Cross Climate and put some new Ford trims on to tidy up.  Fitted a replacement electric wing mirror for a cracked one. Had the rear windows tinted.  Replaced the rear high break light and n/s light due to water ingress with 2 great 2009 lights from a scrapyard (£32).  Apart from one small 'thrust' bearing issue there isn't any other problem.  To begin with I was doing a 20 mile journey daily mostly in 5th gear and 50mph just to see what mileage per gallon I would get, so even gentle driving it was 38.  Boring car I thought!  I then started driving it a lot harder and began actually enjoying the car.  The road holding is excellent and probably at its best due to the quality tyres. The higher seat position is very good with a great all round view.  Lots of room as I am 6ft 2, and front passengers enjoy the comfortable ride, roomy high seating position and view.  Whilst not speedy from 0-60 it is more than adequate on the motorway.  Brakes are good and the steering is better than most small cars I have driven.  Great gear box.  Quiet but nice sounding engine.  The  car drives nice and straight with no issues and corners great with great road holding.

I once bought my daughter a Fiat Panda 1.2 and many laughed at the car, but like James May found out AFTER driving his own, it is a little gem.  So how many folk have probably driven a Fusion for more than a few days?  LIke the old Micra and Skoda Fabia and Panda, the Fusion is driven mainly by the older generation, but that doesn't mean the Fusion is a bad car.  Micra's and Fabias are actually decent to drive, and so is the Fusion.

There are  pages of them for sale on eBay due to the bad old guy flat cap image.  BUT I wouldn't hesitate to buy one for any young or new driver as the insurance is cheap and the car is pretty good and very safe and solid.  If one is available, say a 2011, with low mileage and well looked after I am sure such could be negotiated for a cheap price and prove a great buy.  It isn't a looker like more modern cars, but hey it is no longer £12K either.  For £1850 I am more than happy with my Fusion.  It isn't £12k worse than the new Fiesta!  The Fiesta excels like the Focus with its handling, but some times it could be boring to drive.  So why do I find the Fusion enjoyable to drive after a Focus and Fiesta?  Have I just found a good sound one mechanically? 

The only negativity is the mpg, but I still get 35 miles per gallon driving it hard.  It does move around a little in high winds,- but that was in gale force winds and it was still ok.

So would I want a new Dacia for £7k or a 59 reg Fusion for £1850?  I would be looking at the Fusion!!!  I would say it is a great second hand buy as you are getting a safe, solidly built car, with decent handling and more enjoyable to drive than one would have predicted. It isn't a guarantee that certain cheap new super minis are going to handle any better!  What do other think?



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