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Horn location/upgrade


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Hi all,

I am looking to upgrade my horn, due to the number of motorway miles I do and the fact that I am driving a Fiesta I have had several times over the past few weeks where cars have basically just cut me up/not noticed me. I am improving my visibility to other drivers by upgrading some of the lighting to LEDs however there are times I have needed to use a horn to avoid someone simply driving into me. The usual issue for me is that I drive to the speed limit which is usually slower than most other cars on the road - not breaking the law seems to annoy some other drivers but that's another point.

Just wondering where the stock horn location is in the mk6, I will look to simply upgrade to a dual horn/aftermarket 12v horn, although I did have a twin air horn in my previous car (Clio) which again due to its size was usually missed. I am guessing its somewhere attached to the radiator support or to one side, just need confirmation on where I should be looking really!

Thanks in advance.

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What you need is a train horn. :tongue:

Oh and speed up...how dare you stick to the speed limit. :laugh:  I know what you mean though, I tend to sit at 75 now (its actually only 69 on sat nav) to avoid this, it's fast enough that you're not side by side for hours sitting in someone's blind spot which is when they blindly drift.  Of course there are still the few that sit on cruise at 57mph and pull out to pass a 56mph lorry with no intention of looking first or speeding up...those are the ones you need to blast out of the way lol.

The horn is in front of the arch liner on the nearside, between the liner and bumper in your Fiesta iirc.

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