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Getting new Ford Fiesta car key cut


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Recently brought a Ford Fiesta climate style and it came with 2 keys One 3 button remote key, One without any buttons with a Blue chip on it.

2 keys are like fordblue.jpgvo-remote-do-lien-chia-gap-mo-ford-monde

I am thinking to get another spare key cut, Just in case if I lost the main remote key...

As I believe these comes with Transponders I am thinking to get the following from ebay 


Get this cut at lock smiths and program with the routine instructions..

My Question is will I be able to program the transponder without going to a auto locksmith?

Thanks in Advance.



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If it does come with a chip its not compatible.

" This fob is compatible with the following vehicles as long as your old fob and key are the same as the pictures in the listing.MONDEOFOCUSKATRANSIT (not blue type)FIESTAPUMAETC If your original remote looks like this one then its compatible. "

Check on the blue tab of the key you have it should be marked W1 

As for programming, you'll have to check in the owners manual. I think the option was removed at some point.

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The transponder will need programming with an IDS module.

If you have access to a module yourself then all fine, if not then an auto locksmith is necessary.

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Contrary to other posts, no you may not need an auto locksmith since you already have two original/programmed keys. You maybe able to program a new key yourself if you have a MK6 (including facelift). If you have a MK7 onwards, the DIY feature was removed.

Personally if you're going to buy an original looking key, pay around £10 for cutting, I'd recommend paying £10 more and getting a Ford flip key (in the link below).

If you can program keys yourself (instructions in the link below), then I would advise you keep three keys for your car; so if you ever lose one you can always de-register the lost key and program a new one. If you only had two keys and lost one, you wouldn't have the ability to do any of the aforementioned and you'd need an auto locksmith to program a second key for you.

Please see this post (click above) which I had written for another member, which has been proven to work. Hopefully it works for your car too. The post details the ideal Ford flip key, programming and remote pairing.

All the best. :)

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