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mk6 fiesta door locks


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Hi a newbie here, i just wanted some help if you dont mind.

my dad has got a mk6 fiesta 2007. the central locking is playing up. this is a intermittent fault but is slowly getting worse. when he locks the car it unlocks itself again. we think the problem lies with the front passenger door as sometimes the orange light is on the dash to say the door is still open. 

now can any fiesta door locking mechanism from certain age fiestas fit or would i have to find one with the exact number off the locking mechanism to make it work correctly. any help would be appreciated

Thanks Steve 

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Your problem Is the door open switch. The car can be locked with the rear doors open but not the fronts.

As the car thinks the front doors are open, it won't let you lock it

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There are 2 versions, single and double locking.

Assembly has a 10 pin connector (pin 9 is always missing) if any other pins are missing its single locking.


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