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I've never driven a car so rubbish in a bit of snow, I know winter tyres can make a massive difference but I've never used them and never had any real problems getting any of my other cars going or controlling a car in the snow as I have with the Fiesta.

So my Giulietta needed to be moved off the drive first, a bit of skidding but constantly moving and easy to correct, got it all the way down our road, up a slight incline and onto the gritted main road. Went back to get the Fiesta and do the same thing, got off the drive went to go up a flat road and the traction control was constantly clunking and not letting me put any power down (not an ounce, it just did nothing but clunk to a stand still.

I went into the vehicle menu and turned off traction control, and although this helped slightly, it was only a tiny bit and was still massively hitting me with forced traction control that it just couldn't make it up a flat slightly snowing road even after multiple attempts trying fresh lines to make sure it wan't touching compacted snow/ice. So my wife is now off in the Giulietta and at work and the fiesta and me are abandoned.

I've loved this car as a great car so far but honestly my old 2002 Ford KA with standard tyres got from one end of Manchester to the other in worse snow on all the back roads, it took awhile but there were no intrusive systems and just let me get on with controlling the car along.

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So, what tyres are they? I have an awful feeling I'll say 'yes, they are known to be a bit problematical' whatever you say, but I'd still like to know.

BTW, my parents used to live on a hill up and down which school traffic would pass. When it got snowy, it was always the BMWs which got in to trouble.

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Honestly I can't remember (The cars abandoned) and I cant be bothered to go out again and find out but they are what was fitted with the delivered car. Yeah thats the thing you expect it with RWD cars (like all BMW's and most Audi's etc) but I just expected more from the Fiesta, so I hope it is just the tyres but that traction control is too forced even when you apparently turn it off. Is there a way to fully turn it off it could be dangerous in these situations as you don't have control.

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We had quite a bit of snow in the last few weeks here in Germany. With some proper winter tyres with enough tread pattern and a deactivated TC, the Fiesta is just as good as any other FWD car in winter. 

Had to drive on from a full stop on a steep hill and the TC didn't interfer at all, after it was turned off I was able to have just as much wheel spin, as I needed to keep moving.

When activated, the TC can be quite harsh as soon as you get some wheel spin in snow. That's why I mostly turn it off (and for fun reasons of couse :D ).

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