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Which aftermarket alloys to buy?


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I currently have a white zetec s with the standard pre facelift zs wheels. I like the design but at 16" they seem too small and im looking to get some 17" ones. At first I did consider St or facelift zs alloys but after searching for hours it's apparent that people massively over value them to the point where they're trying to sell them at the same price as a dealer.. 

Alas I have now decided the best option is to get some aftermarket alloys but the question is which ones do you think would suit best? I have seen a lot of people with the pro race 1.2s however at 700 including tyres is a bit more than I want to spend, I'm looking at wolfrace assassin gloss black or calibre rapid black, both around the 500 mark inclusive of tyres. Any comments with suggestions of what alloys would suit or anyone who's looking to sell is greatly appreciated! 

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I bought my Team Dynamics 1,2s secondhand for £300 with 80% tyre tread. Search the ads, All alloys with tyres are expensive. If they are not them they are not worth having.


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