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Wheelbearing replacement - 4 wheel control?


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Took out the front wheel hub on my MK7 (2010) Fiesta 1.6 TDCI.

I took out the 2 bolts connecting it to the damper, took out the bolts for the lower arm and the little arm on the side, then pressed out the driveshaft-spline and had the hub in my hands.

A buddy of mine says that the two bolts that connects the hub to the shock is meant for adjusting the wheels, and if I took these bolts out, i will need a four wheel control - or a wheel alignment.


Is this true?

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nope , there not adjustable, so just refit and tighten, there are certain vehicles ( quite a few jap cars ) that are adjustable, thats what your buddy is thinking of.

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Jeap, thats what I thought. He said that the holes were bigger then the bolt, hence the adjustment, but after measuring it, it wasnt.

I guess the adjustment is on the top of the shock then?

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