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Fiesta 1.0 Red Edition Blow Off Valve


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Not really got a good knowledge with stuff like this:ph34r:


Seen this video on youtube of this kids 1.0 sound. 


How do I get this sound? and where from?

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The 1.0 ecoboost doesn't have a blow off valve, it is a re-circulation valve. There will no doubt be 3rd parties who offer a BOV which fits in to the position of the re-circ valve though.

Blow-off valves on cars that don't warrant them sound a bit chavvy imo, but I would also think it can potentially lower performance as instead of keeping air within the intake you are throwing it in to the engine bay.

Just my 2p.

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Don't know if you've got one already, but a good quality induction kit (AS performance, ITG or Rsport) give very loud noises very similar to this and actually have a real useful function for the car >> Get more cold air in.

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2 hours ago, alexp999 said:

Only if they are not open filters.

Or all you do is get more HOT air in.

Alex is spot on, the factory air box takes cold fresh air from underneath the car.. Anyone that removes the airbox for a cone filter, without having a new cold air feed straight to it, will actually result in less power because less cool air is getting inside. This will also mean greater laggy after been sitting idle in traffic and pulling away quickly.. Instead it'll just breathe in all that warm engine air! Haha

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