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what are these vents called and how can i get cheap replacements??


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Hi guys, so two days ago i bought my first car! its a 06 fiesta zetec s facelift and is awesome,

but heres the problem:

The previous owner has done a tonne of really nice mods to the car but one of these was painting a bunch of the interior parts red. needles to say the paint looks terrible haha. I've taken off the salvageable pieces to sand back and respray them however there are these two plastic vents that sit behind the normal ringed air vents on the far left and right of the dash.

these are painted so badly it is an eyesore to say the least lol!

so my question is what are they called and where can i get replacements, because I've tried searching for all kinds of dash vent variants and can seem to find replacement ones anywhere?


any help would be much appreciated.

thanks :)




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You could try using nitromorse, it's fantastic at removing stubborn paint. Alternatively find a scrapyard in your area. Or take the vents to a ford dealer the parts department should be able to help you find the part number 

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