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Painting calipers


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9000 miles ago I did mine with some red touch up paint I had in the garage.

I stripped the calipers after removal, de-greased them and prepared the existing paint with a wire brush before degreasing them again.

While in pieces I painted each component I wanted red and allowed them to dry, then did a second coat, re-assembled after drying and re-fitted.

The drums I just rubbed down and did with black gloss, they have dulled in 18 months and need re-doing.

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Preparation is the key.

The paint was just red touch up I'd got from Halfords I think for my daughters Swift.

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Got mine done last year as the callipers were looking a little scruffy. Asked the local bodyshop to match the original paint, which was black for the rear drums and silver for the calipers (if they are even painted when the car is built?) made a good job, drums look as new still, calipers looking ok but there are operating under hard conditions with all the dust sticking with water and heat etc so are prone to fade.

Prep does look to be the key if your a perfectionist.

I was only £80 for all four corners so couldn't really complain (he had the paint left over from a previous job) and he gave all parts a good rub down etc. I think the complete removal of the caliper and careful sandblasting etc that some of the bodyshops offer is the way to go if your taking your car to show level etc but it is an expensive thing to do.

Certainly improves the appearance of the car greatly.

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