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Fiesta ST - Mountune Issue (MP215)


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Hello all,

New to the forum.

Just recently purchased a Fiesta St Mk7 (63 plate) on PCP, at a Ford Stoneacre branch. As part of the PCP deal, I asked for the mountune MP215 to be installed (£599, plus £40 for labor). When I picked the car up yesterday from Ford Stoneacre, I asked if it had been installed and they said yes, it had been in the garage for 4 hours. 

I noticed that the car was missing the mountune performance sticker from the back - Bit pendantic, I queried it.. but the salesman said it didn't come with one, as far as he knew..

I checked under the bonnet, and it also appears to still have the plastic air filter as opposed to the aluminium air filter that is typically installed when the mountune is done...

Finally, I've checked insurance. When typing in my reg, it's still coming up as Ford ST-2.. rather than Ford ST-2 (Upgrade MP215) as it should!

What do you think.. is something fishy here??

I've attached a picture of her for appreciation.. 

Many thanks in advance.


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I've got the 215, but that's not mentioned when checking insurance either. 

Mountune are always running out of the badges, so loads of kits didn't have one. Just ring them up & get them to send you one.

as for the air filter the top part is plastic, but the rest should be aluminium.

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If you open up the air filter it should have a k&n filter in it and the lower part of the housing is grey rather than black you should also be able to see the lower cold air feed coming into the airbox

If you speak to mountune they will be able t confirm if it has been done as the dealer should notify them

If none of this proves its been upgraded go back to the dealer and speak to the service folks who will know if they did it

See my parts for sale on thread "philf1s Spirit Blue Fiesta ST180 parts for sale"

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