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Self Service or Not?


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I am due a service but with money been tight, due to work been a pain, I was considering servicing the car myself. I'm fully capable, but wondering would it actually be worth doing it or Shell out the few more pounds about £70 and have a garage do it, only for the stamp? The car has 1 year extended warranty which my local Ford garage will DO nothing with even when it's covered under warranty (done all the work myself)!

What would you do this sernerio? I was considering trading in as some of you may of read but I can't afford to do that anytime soon, I could but not worth the risk! Any advice would be great!



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They want £22 a month from me, I did have it, I took it in for a service last year and they claimed I didn't have one with them after paying a years worth. If it helps I refuse to take the car back to the dealer I bought it from. They have damaged the car, which I had to pay for as they wouldn't admit to the damages, they are VERY disrespectful I had some of my work on the back seat (paper work) and I came back to it been thrown on the floor, not placed down, thrown.

My mother has a payment plan also, with the same dealership, she has stayed with them and she's recently had an MoT and a service and she had to pay towards the service, even though she's been paying in for 2 years also (bought car on same day)... They are a con! I go to another garage, and they are okay, but starting to be funny with me as they've tried to scam me also until I pulled something up. I'd rather just service it myself if it wont effect anything, not like I'm a get much for the car when I aim to change, already lost 9k on it in 2 years. (not the right attitude but just tired of the mess)

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Many of the main dealers are a rip-off, some are ok but most will be a rip off. I use a local trusted independent with me supplying all genuine filters, fluids and parts from fordparts uk online.

I find this is a cost effective solution especially if you are planning on keeping the car for a few years. I change all filters and oil every 5k or six months and its £70 for labour (includes full inspection) and around £55 (inc vat) for the oil, oil filter, sump plug washer, air filter, pollen filter.

Obviously you can do the air filter and pollen filter yourself on the day of the service before you drop it off at the garage.

Fuel filter every second service.

For the sake of the price of the oil and all filters, it really is the best maintenance you can do to keep your car running well.

Brake discs/pads, wipers, brake fluid + coolant change every couple of years.

Its really about keeping an eye on your car yourself and sorting any tracking issues etc as soon as they appear (potholes etc), getting the correct service parts first-time and getting a good trusted local independent who will do the job right.

Use genuine ford parts or good quality/trusted aftermarket ones.

Its generally straight forward if you keep on top of everything.

The only thing I use a main dealer for is to purchase the car around 6 months to 1 year old and to get any recall work done.

If your unsure of when change belts etc there is a good website online (can't remember the name) with the ford service schedules.

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So you'd recommend to get a independant garage to do the work for me then, Dave? I am currently using an independant garage, we have used them for years (well my mother) but after the MoT it's clear he's going to start trying to rip me off, which is why I wondered to do the work myself. But wondering if it would effect the warrenty etc.

I've tried to stay away from main dealers anyway, as to be fair you get exactly the same stuff from a motor warehouse as what they get anyway, just they charge you £10+ on top! Judging by the message I'll buy the parts of course geniune ford parts and do the work myself. I may as well save the money towards something instead of paying over the moon. I grew up doing EVERYTHING to the family cars ourselves only ever going to a garage for an MoT! Guess it's all changed.

Providing it isn't going to wreak anything, I'll do the work myself!


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Everyone's different with the... variety of local garage's, different cars, age of car, different main dealers, conditions the car is getting used under, owners knowledge etc. You can only really do what makes sense for yourself was just stating my own personal service model in that post.

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