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miles to empty digital dispaly


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i have a 2014 fiesta, bought it brand new. this has happened twice to me now in the past year, first time it fixed itself same day, im on day 3 now of the issue still current. i had about 40miles to empty in my tank this past monday, i put gas in it to get me thru the week. not until halfway home did the gas gauge move to the amount of gas i put in, then the miles to empty, which i always have on display, kept going under the 40 original miles. i travel to and from work 14miles approx each way, its now at 32, so its way off for 3 days of driving. any suggestions as to what this could be,easy fix, costly fix, HELP! if you see below, i clearly have way more than 31 miles to empty, that is actually about 120 or so miles to empty in my tank. please someone help me fix this

miles to empty display.jpg

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