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Stage one remap Fiesta ST2 ecoboost


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Hi,  I've had my 14 plate Fiesta st ecoboost for a year now and up until a couple of weeks ago it was completely standard, however,  I've now started to do a few mods, hid lights, (6000k) so not illegal,  ITG cold air induction kit (great piece of kit), middle box on exhaust taken off and replaced with a 1.5ft piece of steel pipe to give a nice subtle sound (unplugged the synphosizer).  Last mod is booked in on 9th April for a stage one remap.  I'm being told with the ITG filter on I should be looking at around 220-225bhp, but more importantly 280-285ftlb of torque. I have a good brake set up on the car (pagid all round) . 

Has anyone had a stage one remap and found it well worthwhile? 


Cheers,  Tony.


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Hi Tony ,

i have had the pumaspeed maxd stage1+ map and the itg kit makes a very good difference power is a lot more aggressive,not had it on a dyno as yet ,one chap i know same map his did a 226hp on the dyno (ive seen the readout)

my buddy has the mountune and to be honest feels a bit flat compared to mine but its a good way of keeping your warranty if your car is still under one.

oh just one thing any HID Kit fitted without washers and leveling is illegal .

when i got my insurance this year i went to adrian flux gave them my mod details and it only cost me £182 well pleased.

Oh who is doing the remap ?

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Hi Ninja, 

Cheers for the message. I wasn't aware about the legality side on the 6000k hid lights,  but I've had them on for around 4-5mths and never been pulled.  Maybe you're referring to when it goes in forit's first mot. 

With regards to the Mountune stage one remap,  I've heard from quite a few people that it's not the best which tbh doesn't surprise me,  you're paying their prices purely for piece of mind with regards to the warranty aspect. 

My remap is being done by a good reputable company in Stockport called Unicorn Motor Development.  They specialise in German cars,  however,  they have done quite a few fiesta and focus st's. It's not a generic map either and he makes sure that the map is spot on for the car before giving it back. I know on the fiesta there is a torque vectoring system which a map can create problems with,  but he sorts this too so that there's not too much power going through the gears.  

Pricewise it's £350.00 which includes a before and after dyno run and printout. 

If you are not far from Stockport,  check him out, his name is Rick. 

Cheers, Tony 

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Just bought fiesta st2 with remap I put £20 petrol in and the range on the tripometer went up to 84 miles!! 🙄

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It's an st2 not 3
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Bought a "Stock" (Stage 2, unknown to me) ST-2 over a year ago. Took it to a dyno and was pushing 218 (Stock filter, stock exhaust, stage 2 intercooler) but got it properly tuned to 230bhp (Was forced to after that whole re-call issue and ford not caring about remaps) I average 40mpg and do a mix of city/motorway miles.

My one issue with Mountune/Revo/etc remaps is they chuck in some generic preset values, push it on the dyno, and just show you bhp/torque. However getting a personal remap for exactly the same price, they do 5-6 dyno runs to BEST tune the car to itself. However, it is definitely more fun than stock. I have not gotten tired of driving it after all this time. 

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