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Ford Fiesta Finesse Key Fob Help

Joshua Falls

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Hi There,

Just purchased myself a Red 2004 Ford Fiesta Finesse, got it for a bargain up in the north. I only got one key with it and have to use it to lock the doors. It does have central locking as when you lock one door they all lock. Have been looking online and see if you turn the key back and forth 4 times it makes a beeping sound now I have tried it but with no luck. Not sure if my model has key fob enabled.

Maybe you can help?


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Is there a transponder in the new key fob? Turn the ignition key from 2 to 1, four times, when you hear a beeping sound, press any button on the key fob and thats the programming done

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There are 4 GEM types fitted to the Fiesta;

A - vehicles with manual unlocking 
B - vehicles with central locking 
C - vehicles with central locking and remote control 
D - vehicles with central/double locking, anti-theft warning system and remote control

Letter is second from last digit of the GEM part number.
Easiest way to check if you have RCL (type C or D GEM)

The interior lights are dimmed on and off with the GEM variants Cx and Dx.

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