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Fiesta MK6.5 Interior Cabin Temperature Low/Cold


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Hey all! :)

Might be a silly question, but I'm asking as my passengers have complained haha. When I always enter my Fiesta Freedom MK6.5 (2006), the interior cabin's temperature seems to be quite low/cold; often colder than outside temperature.

Whilst driving and having the heaters on, the car's cabin gets hot quickly and when I turn the heaters off, it is able to retain/keep the hot temperature inside the cabin.

Then when I leave the car and come back to drive it 30 minutes or an hour later, the cabin is completely freezing again. Is this normal? My passengers have told me this doesn't happen in their car(s) and that it would still be heated inside.

I initially thought perhaps it's my window seals but the vehicle is able to retain the heat when driving. Could it still be my window seals? They seem to be in immaculate, like-new condition based on a visual check (no cracks or tears). But before we look into it further, is this normal? The outside temperature was 7 degree Celsius based off the car's reading.

I'm not sure if you can see the condition of the window seals from the attached photo, but hopefully it's something. Thank you.


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