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TDCi MAF differences?


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Hi all,

I am just working out if I should replace my MAF with a new one to rule out the MAF as being the issue I am having with a slight overfueling, I have just had a look around and the ones for sale seem to be slightly different to mine.

I have a Siemens VDO MAF, the plug is perpendicular to the tube, it has no mesh and has what I can only describe as a 'bucket' facing forward into the air stream. Some of the other MAFs also for the 1.4 TDCi seem to be orientated differently, eg they have a plug inline with the tube, there is a mesh and the MAF is more of a blade.

Where different MAFs used on the 1.4 TDCi? I am guessing that the other type of MAF would be the Bosch sort (which I have seen before on previous cars) - are these interchangeable at all? I am guessing they aren't as they are different plug types? Could I repin a different MAF to allow me to run the different MAF or will they just interchange?

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I would check the maf sensor using a code reader with the live data option, your looking for a pressure/flow increase as the revs rise and Check the air intake temp looks about right while your in the live data

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The live data is fine, I have however ordered a replacement one for my exact MAF - the code that pops up is usually about the MAF circuit being high....due to the fact that the intake is no longer restrictive!

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