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Fiesta Mk6 Facelift Parts


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I've had my 1.3 2003 fiesta for just over 3 months, im hooked, eve though my particular car is a bit of a mess I love it. All sorts of issues with oil leaks, coolant leaks and a few electrical gremlins, it all seems to be fixed (for now). Its my first car so its pretty beat up. I am in the process of removing as many of the scratches and dints that I can but its a slow process. I'm not planning on keeping the car for more than a year, I bought it pretty cheap so I am trying to add value and hopefully sell it for more, then onto the next fiesta. One thing I discovered was the facelift parts, I love the look of them and my headlights are all scratched up from what looks like someone changed a bulb and rested the unit on the floor. I was wondering if anyone knows if the facelift headlights/rear lights fit a standard 2003 fiesta?

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