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Newby with a stupid question


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Hi, Guys and Girls, new to the site so bear with me.

Just purchased a 2014 Fiesta Zetec 1.25 and looking at putting some black alloys on it. All the bumf I keep reading tells me it has a TPMS fitted? Can any one tell me if this is the case and if so does it utilise the sensors that fit inside the wheel or another method. If its the sensors I will have to get the alloys and tyres unfitted and then find a garage that can do the swap over. Any suggestions.


Cheers for your time.

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Hello and welcome to the forum! It's great to have you here.

Your car should have a TPMS fitted; this is what I was able to dig up from the Ford Owner's website:



Locating the Tire Pressure Sensor

Each road tire is equipped with a tire pressure sensor, which is located inside the wheel and tire assembly cavity. Since the sensor is attached to the valve stem, it is covered by the tire and not visible unless the tire is removed. When changing any of your tires, take care to avoid damaging the sensor.

When Your Temporary Spare Tire Is Installed

If you have replaced one of your road tires with a temporary spare, the TPMS will continue to identify a tire pressure issue as a reminder to replace the temporary spare. The TPMS will resume normal function once you have the damaged road wheel and tire assembly repaired and remounted to your vehicle.


From that statement from Ford, I'm guessing the sensor is attached to the alloy and inserts into the tyre. I could be wrong, perhaps you're able to understand it better?

You may need to do the swap over but unfortunately I can't assist much as I've not gone through the process of doing so, I'm sure there are others on this forum who have however.

All the best. :)

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2014 fiesta should have them, easy to check is to look at the tyre valves, if you have sensors in the wheel then the rubber tyre valve will have a ridge going round the valve, have a look or feel .

the sensors are unscrewed easliy from your old wheels, but either you or the tyre fitter needs to buy 4 new rubber tyre valves to match the sensors.

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Do you know the build date, TPMS  sensors were standard from mid 2014 if your car was built before then it may not have them or have the old DDS option which used the ABS sensors, have a look in the vehicle settings menu, if there's no option for tyre monitors it probably won't have either system. A lot of people just put up with the warning light, although they need to be working when you MoT the car.

ive just had a new set of wheels fitted but bought new valves and sensors but, swapped the sensors over to avoid re programming. 

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