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MK6 ZS or MK7?


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Hi there

I currently own a MK6 ZetecS, it's 06 so over 10 years old and has 92,000 miles. I went and looked at the MK7 pre facelift ZS as my dad suggested I sell mine due to age. This newer one is a 59 plate and has 40,000 miles on it and its just under 6 grand. I'm totally torn as to whether i should sell my current one and go for the new one. First car makes me love it even more but i do think mileage is getting to high and worry about spending a fortune on problems, has anyone else made the upgrade and is it worth it or am I maybe better sticking with my current car, MOT is due in December so its got plenty of time left before that happens again so not selling due to this reason but I'm really stuck. The new one is nice for sure but I cant bare to get rid of my current one.

Any advice appreciated thanks Fraser

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Got both a mk6 07 and mk7 59. Had both from brand new and both have their merits. My mk6 has done 101k miles and got through its' MOT today no problems, although had a few advisories for brakes that will need sorting in the next 12 months.

I like both of them, but the mk6 seems slightly more "fun" for some reason.. Maybe because it's a smaller and lighter car...

The mk7 is more "solid" and seems more polished and refined.

They both have 1.4 engines, and mpg wise seem quite similar.. the mk6 seems to have a bigger fuel tank though which is handy for the mileage I do. 40L as opposed to 30L (please feel free to correct me! Lol)

I guess it's down to personal preference, but in many ways I do prefer my mk6..

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Urm, I made the change about this time last year from a mk6 to mk7 and don't regret it, but my MK6 was literally on it's last legs, something going wrong with it every month. Looking at yours it seems it's still in good condition and well looked after, but you can easily fall in love with the MK7 also. 

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Thanks for the replies, I can hear a few noises coming from my car, doubt it's anything serious as brakes have been replaced, rear shocks, timing belt and all tyres are virtually brand new. Quite a lot of work has been done by me and the previous owner. I think I prefer the mk6 as a whole feels nicer to drive, more 'mechanical' or involving if that makes sense with the heavier clutch and steering, which I quite like. The mk7 was noticeably bigger, the front end seemed huge and the gearbox was strange. Going back to look at the car again tomorow, so I'll maybe have a better idea of what to do.


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