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Fiesta Vibration above 50mph


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So, I've noticed some really bad vibration/wobbling coming from the passenger (left) wheel area recently when driving above 50mph, and it gets really bad above 60.  The steering wheel isn't vibrating, so I don't think it's an issue with the wheel balancing (i.e. a weight fallen off).

A few days ago, I bottomed out on a back road, which I think might have caused it.  I was doing about 45/50mph, there was a dip in the road that I didn't notice, and bottomed out on the incline (it was the passenger side that bottomed out).  

What sort of damage could this cause?  Any suggestions to what is causing the vibration/wobble?

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Does the wobble get better or worse as your speed increases? 

If memory serves me right, get the tracking checked if the wobble is less noticible at higher speeds (motorway speeds ) 


Buckled alloys are rather common on the mk7 from what I've heard.  I've had one so far in just a year. Cost £222 for alloy+tyre. 

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