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Mk6 GEM Features


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I was wondering what all of the regional features are present on Fiesta Mk6's around the world, as programmed through the GEM? It is my understanding that everything is in place for the various features to work, however some are activated and others are not (depending on the country of registration; UK, Australia, Japan, South Africa etc).

  • Vehicle locking at start of trip (drive away locking, over 5mph - presumably activated in countries where car-jacking is common!?)
  • Seat belt reminder (UK-spec examples know if someone is sat in the seat, as the sensors are in place for airbags/seatbelt pre-tensioners - and the reminder light is in the cluster, to the right of the low petrol symbol).
  • Overspeed warning (not sure if this is a 'change-up' style economy feature, as common on new Fiestas (surely unlikely?), or simply "your engine is running at 7000rpm do something now"? I've noticed in the instrument cluster there is an arrow icon - just above the oil lamp, so perhaps the overspeed warning feature does work - I just haven't thrashed the engine? It's not mentioned in the handbook).
  • Washer fluid warning (don't think that this is fitted in UK-spec cars? Also there doesn't seem to be a warning symbol for it, so perhaps it would be an alert in the message centre, but it's not mentioned in the handbook).
  • Key in ignition warning (don't know what this is, but it was mentioned in a 2007 Australian Fiesta brochure).

Any other regional features? And the big question...has anyone ever been successful in activating any of these features in the UK? Either via or dealer, or using a 'kit' at home?

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