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Changing Washer Jet Covers Fiesta MK7.5


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Hey all,

Couldn't  find a guide so asking a quick question. Found some mist washer jet covers on amazon that match the theming of my car (Carbon). It says they are universal for the Ford      Focus, but I have no idea if they will fit my MK7.5 titanium. Think I've read before you can switch the standard mist washers for better ones from the focus so bit confused?

Help appreciated, posting link to the covers if you wouldn't mind checking them out for me anyone?


Cheers all,


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Fiesta and focus jets aren't the same. The shape and size is but the nozzle is different, hard to tell from the pic but it might be shaped to only fit the mist jets,  if the don't fit just buy the focus jets which are only £2-3 each

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13 hours ago, Willy said:

Focus and Fiesta washers are the same so shouldn't be an issue.

Oh is that right? Thought I had seen people converting to the Focus ones as they have better coverage of the windscreen. Don't mind my current washer jets, just wanted to add some more carbon detail to my car is all, keep that theming going!



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