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Wont Start -- 2009 1.6 zetec tdci


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Hi all, 

I have a 2009 fusion 1.6  Zetec tdci which after a short trip to the shops (less than a mile) parked up at home but noticed that the radiator fan was still running, this went on for 30 mins or so until I decided to unplug it from its loom. Came back a few minutes later re-attached the fan which started spinning straight away and tried to start her up, she cranked over a couple of times slowly as if the battery was drained but failed to start. 

Left it again for a few minutes and tried again, this time turned the ignition on, all lights showing normal but she wouldn't turn over, turned the key again and got the same, dash lights come on no clicking sound as there normally is. just nothing. battery is showing as having 12 volts, all fuses behind the glove compartment checked and they were fine, connected it up to a charger/jumper unit and nothing.

Any ideas?


Thanks in advance



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still sounds like battery gone flat, the fan staying on is quite common, its the fan relay that has stuck on, its in the relay box next to battery, plug fan back in and then tap each relay until the fan stops, thats then the relay to replace.

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