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Should be fun..


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Thursday should be fun, going to be doing a whole service, coolant change, brake fluid change.... sounds good... well other half wants to get involved. Might end up badly. She says she doesn't want to get dirty, made me laugh that... Should be fun seeing her with a few tools though :D

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41 minutes ago, E5GDM said:

Do the 'dirty work' yourself, & get the Mrs to supply tea & bacon rolls. 

You must be mad. She'll just sit back messing around with her hair lol.

Although seem to be having a problem with what feels like my steering, best way to describe it.... my drivers side wheel feels loose. I'll be driving and feels normal, then all of a sudden the drivers front will feel like it 'wobbled' I had the wheel off last night, can't see anything no brakes nothing.... so wondering is it in the actual steering? I've thought about maybe bearings tonight, but I have not checked them. I am low on brake fluid which will be getting changed tomorrow, but that shouldn't have any interfernce though should it?

I need to replace one front tyre and have wheels balanced, could this effect it, with the amount it is though?

I've noticed my pads might be SLIGHTLY and I mean SLIGHTLY maybe 2mm too big as they are rubbing on the hub, which I noticed last night.... should be all fun and games tomorrow but any suggestions about this or where to look would be great.

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