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Upgrading Bluetooth Module


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I have a 2009 Fiesta with the bluetooth module that has the separate smaller connector, but it's not a mini-usb style connector as per the later 2010+ models. 

Is there an adaptor which I can use in order to install the later model module? Having trouble sourcing a 2009 unit, but loads of the new models. 

If not, how easy is it to changing the wiring in the car to suit?


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I assume you want to stream music wirelessly?

If so you need to source a module with a code like this. (there are currently some on eBay.



I'm pretty sure AM or later (eg AR) have the mini usb (mine is AT)

These modules have the connector you require.


The wiring is dead easy, the hardest part is the cost (£75 I paid) you will also need the USB port and panel (quite cheap)

You will then need to find a Ford Dealer to tell the car it has the hardware. This was the hardest part as most Ford technicians haven't got a clue.


email this guy trevor@fordpartsuk.com tell him what you want to do and he will do the rest.

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