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Snapchat Names


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I'm unsure if this has been a thread before or not... 


For those who don't know is a picture sharing service. You take a picture. Send it to somebody. They view it. And it's gone. 

Now, I'm wondering how many of us FOC members have and use snapchat, because I feel that with the recent forum upgrade not as many pictures get posted in the gallery section anymore.... 

So as an alternative we could send quick "snaps" to show off our motors... 

Im hoping this takes off and people start leaving snapchat names for each other to add... 

Im not a very active user of snapchat, but if enough people leave their names/snapchat add then I'm sure it'll get busy!



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I don't use snap chat Cookey. However the idea is a good one.

I do use whatsapp though. Also good for sharing photos. You can even create a FOC group Cookey

A closed group for FOC members only. Chat  and share pictures.


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Snap what?  Damn youngsters and their technology! :tongue:

I don't use it either lol.  I tend to stick pics on facebook groups but that's hit and miss.  Focus Enthusiasts group seems pretty quiet now.  Mk6 owners is a good one though, near instant replies and lots of 'likes', as well as decent banter.

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