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Ford fiesta Clutch


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hi all,

i have a ford fiesta mk7 and i have noticed recently that when i press the clutch it makes a slight rattling noise, until it is fully down and the rattling stops. this rattle also occurs when i accelerate in first and second gear, but not in any other gear, it also stops when the revs build up. i know that the clutch is probably getting worn, but does anyone have an idea of how long it has left? any help would be appreciated 

oh yeah it also squeaks sometimes when i press it

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Hello there! :)

When you say you hear a "rattling noise" from your clutch, it's not just your biting point is it? So when your clutch is making a rattling noise, does your entire car shake? Can you feel it whilst sat down in your seat? If so, this is normal and occurs for when your clutch meets its biting point to accelerate the car in first gear; this can also happen in any other gear if the speed doesn't match the gear, this is known as engine lugging - so if the Revolutions Per Minutes (RPM) + speed are low and you're accelerating in a higher gear, this causes engine lugging.

To be honest from my perspective, everything sounds normal. As for the squeaky noise, are you driving a new car? A Vauxhall Corsa (D) I drove with only 100 miles on the clock made a squeaky, spring-like noise every time the clutch was depressed. This noise went away after gathering up 500 miles on the clock.

If you have driven numerous manual cars before and understand how they operate, yet you still think you have a problem, then perhaps the clutch is going as you say. No one can determine how long you have left or estimate it, but if you truly believe the clutch is on it's way out then you could look at replacing it as soon as possible.

All the best. :)

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its when i press the clutch around biting point, the car does not shake or anything, just the sound sounds like its coming for the engine area. the seat doesnt shake either theres just a noise. the car isnt new its a 2009 fiesta, it squeaks when pressed, but only sometimes.

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My clutch used to squeek, it just needed greasing then it was sorted. As for the 'rattling noise' if you have a diesel I would assume it's just the noise of the engine. I have a diesel and its just a noisy engine but can't be heard once you're going fast enough as the road noise drowns it out. 

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