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MK7.5 Door Trim


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High Guys and Girls,  Could anyone point me in the direction of where i could buy some Black door trim mouldings that fit across the top of the door and then below the rear window on the 3 dr Zetec.  Currently i have Chrome ones and would like to change them for the black ones like fitted on the RED Edition. System won't let me upload a  Picture so i hope you know what trim i mean?


Thanks for your time

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5 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

I assume you mean the belt line trim?

I think they are pretty trick to change, as Ollie said, might be better just to have them wrapped.

Think he means the trim around the windows (on the outside). On mine its chrome, which i don't really mind - however I may look into this once i've sprayed my lights as the chrome maybe a bit of a standout....


However getting them wrapped may just be the same amount of pain as I guess they're rather tricky to get off without damaging paint around them/snapping anything

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2 minutes ago, alexp999 said:

Yeah that's the belt line trim.

sigh. :bangin: if only I knew my terminology lol. There me thinking the belt line trim maybe inside, near a seatbelt :blush::hang:

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18 minutes ago, PJK99 said:

Thanks for the replys guys. Looks like the easy soloution is to tape it.


Reminds me! I think I saw somebody use pinstripe tape on another forum (albeit on their focus) They did it in red, on a black car - alternative would to just use black tape/pinstripe over the chrome to make it blend in! (Can easily be removed then if you hate it!)

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