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Steering problems


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First off, I'm an idiot and have done something incredibly stupid!

I had a flat battery yesterday after I very stupidly left the keys on in the ignition which drained the battery.   The car was on the driveway whilst my Dad's car was in the garage - I couldn't leave it blocking him in so had to push it back - the original intention was to push and turn it onto the kerb.  However I never realised or knew that you aren't supposed to dry steer an automatic - someone came up to tell me (yes, I know I'm stupid).

Anyway, eventually pushed the car back onto the drive and my Dad got his car out and jump-started mine.  Problem now is that I've clearly knackered the steering - I can still steer and have full control of the car but the steering feels light.

Anyone know what the problem can be?  Being honest I'm fearing the worst and that I've made a very costly mistake.


For reference, my car is an automatic Ford Fiesta Zetec 1.4L, 61 reg.


Thanks in advance for any help.

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I've never heard of "dry steering', & doubt very much turning the wheels without the engine running will hurt anything but your arms. 

Maybe the person giving you  the 'advice' was getting confused with not towing a car with an automatic gearbox, as to do that over any distance can cause problems.

I reckon that it 'feels light' because you think you've 'knackered' the steering, so check the fluid level & drive it a few more times then see how it feels. 


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2 hours ago, iantt said:

good luck with checking fluid level, its electric assistance, and you wont do any damage manouvering vehicle without engine running.

looks like I was half right.

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Thanks all.   Had some work colleagues take a look at it and they think it's fine, even though it's lighter than it was.

One mentioned it could be down to the tyre treads - one front tyre has lower tread than the other (this was a tyre I had fitted last year and what I thought was brand new but turns out it was part worn).


Not sure how accurate that could be and seems strange how the steering became light that 'sudden'.

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